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The debut album by Circuit3 was released on limited edition blue vinyl LP with CD.Now completely sold out this highly collectable album received critical acclaim on it's release


The Electricity Club said "‘siliconchipsuperstar’ is classic styled synthpop made by someone weaned on classic synthpop. This well-produced album is undoubtedly a labour of love and while there are echoes of the past like Clarke, Foxx, Jones, Numan or Dolby, the album is full of futuristic sounds that warble off and on."



“Take a deep breath and double-take before reading the title to Circuit3’s electro pop opus ‘Siliconchipsuperstar’. Everything about this album is wrapped in that wonderful retro electro magic. It’s ten tracks that bring you into the past and then the future, with a nod to pre-Songs Of Faith & Devotion Depeche Mode (which certainly isn’t a bad thing !) - Dan Hegarty ‘The Alternative’ RTE National Radio Ireland.)

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“"just far and away better than so much of the material I've heard in this genre... it's a huge step up from being a bar band performer to potentially achieving international acclaim, and that's exactly what he's poised for here with Circuit3...Keep an eye and ear on this one- I see good things for Circuit3 in the future and some forward-thinking label really ought to sign this act” Chain D.L.K. Album Review

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Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) collaborator iEuropean says “I am currently working on a remix for Circuit3 and had the pleasure of listening to the finished! Best album I have heard in the past 10 years”

“album of the year - fantastic album and I have very difficult to see any other artist to do better” - Radio Virus (Sweden)

"It’s not every day you stumble upon a debut album that forces you to re-write your best-of-the-year list. He’s not trying to hide being influenced by the synth pioneers of the late 70s and early 80s. There are obvious references to John Foxx, Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby and many others from the Synth Britannia era. But it never crosses into plagiarism. It’s all done with an eye for detail and with a personal touch that firmly holds the ten tracks of the album together. There’s definitely no shortage of singles candidates. It’s a beautiful and well-crafted package, both musically and aesthetically, and should appeal to anyone with a soft spot for the artists who pushed the boundaries in the early days of synthpop. - Elektroskull (Sweden)

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I was startled by his dazzling, multicoloured wardrobe – which made for some great photo and video opportunities when combined with his projections. Dressing like a jarring cross between Roger Mellie (The Man Off The Telly) from Viz comic and Max Headroom (as much as I admire those two role models) is a brave look to try and pull off!Since his current album is entitled Siliconchipsuperstar, I think it safe to assume that Fitzpatrick doesn't take himself too seriously, and the organisers had scheduled him well, following on directly from Vogon Poetry. If you liked them then you'd probably also liked Circuit 3 – and there were a vocal bunch that quite obviously did. Extra credit for playing a decent amount of the synth parts live, given there were only one pair of hands on stage. (DSO Live Review)